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    Soul Knight, featured by App Store, Google Play, and numerous China Android app stores with over 10 million downloads

    Optimization Performance
    • eCPM increased > 50%
    • Reach rate increased > 11%
    • Ad ARPU increased > 24%
    Partner Testmonial

    "We released an update on Apr.5th, with prior eCPM average $11. After optimization by Yomob, it is climbing around $20. "

    Kan Cao

    Chillyroom COO

  • DOTS & CO

    Dots & Co, a sequel to TwoDots, the top ranked title in over 100 countries

    Optimization Performance
    • Reach rate increased > 79.9%
    • Ad Revenue increased > 79.6%
    • Ad ARPU increased > 53%
    Partner Testmonial

    "Yomob has demonstrated deep domain expertise in ad monetization. They have helped us structure our business strategy for Dots & Co in China, and thereby improved our overall revenue to a great extent."

    Paul Murphy

    PlayDots CEO


    Zap Zombies, developed by BiNAREE and published by SOULGAME to the global market, has been featured repeatedly on the homepage of the Apple App store and the Google Play store

    Optimization Performance
    • Average daily views per user > 700%
    • eCPM > $30
    • Reach rate increased > 70%
    • Ad ARPU > $0.2
    Partner Testmonial

    “Yomob understands how to optimize and where to place the Video Ads for the best performance. We've seen at least 150% improvement on eCPM in Zap Zombies”

    Kyungheon Kim



    First Strike is a fast paced real time strategy game where you play one of the twelve biggest nuclear superpowers of the world

    Partner Testmonial

    On video ads optimization

    "I was referred to Yomob by Taptap, and shortly we got more ad displays from Yomob with way better fillrate of ads and much better quality of the ads."

    On ROI

    "We increased revenue like 4 times."

    On support

    "Besides we really liked the supporting staff at Yomob, they are very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend Yomob to any mobile game developers."

    Moritz Zumbühl

    Blindflug Studios CEO